MTV Campus Challenge Toolkit:

Bringing a Voting Site to Your Campus

College students are more excited than ever to vote, but over 1,600 polling places have closed in the last decade.

That’s why MTV has teamed up with Campus Vote Project to help you successfully bring a new early voting site to your college campus, and win grant funding in the process!

Expand Access. Drive Turnout. Make History.

On-campus voting sites effectively encourage students to register to vote using their campus address and make it easier for students to vote in elections. These voting sites allow students to avoid seeking transportation to (sometimes distant) off-campus locations and raise the visibility of elections, especially for primaries, special elections, and off-year elections. By helping place a new early voting site on your campus, you can enter into the 2022 MTV Campus Challenge and have the opportunity to win grants for your Vote Early Day parties that can be put towards everything from DJs to food trucks to swag.