Where on campus could your voting site be located? Consider a high-traffic, well-known area on campus that students often frequent. Make sure that the facility you’re thinking about using could be reserved for the entire voting period. There are a lot of different facility needs for a voting location: ADA accessible, parking nearby, space for all the voting equipment, technology requirements, etc. 

Here are some important, general factors to keep in mind as you navigate election laws and consider available locations on your campus:

Types of locations

  • The building should be located near voters who are served by the site
  • The property owner/campus administrator must grant permission for the use of their building
  • The building must meet federal and state accessibility requirements
  • The location must have an adequately sized space to accommodate workers, voting machines, and voters waiting in line
  • The building must be able to remain open for polling hours and times for poll workers to set up and break down
  • There must be sufficient parking

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility

  • Have permanent or designate temporary handicapped parking
  • Voting site is wheelchair accessible with ramps for sidewalks and entrances if there are high curbs or steps
  • Wide-door frames for entrance
  • Prop heavy doors open or have automated open buttons

Technological Compliance

  • Find out what poll workers need regarding electrical power, phone lines, and internet connection