You’ve already gathered data on your campus’ voting history, have a better understanding of the election laws that impact your area, and considered potential on-campus voting locations. Now it’s time to build buy-in on campus! This will be fun. It’s important to work on this before setting up a meeting with your local elections officials.  Having key players from your campus on board will show elections officials that your institution is supportive of this effort.  Securing support from as many campus members as possible should be your goal. However, it can be helpful to have one key person or office to start with. Is there a faculty, staff person, or office at your campus that already has a focus on civic engagement that could help anchor your efforts?  

Here are some things to consider completing to show widespread support:

  • Pass student government legislation showing support for an on-campus voting site
  • A statement of support from student leaders, student organizations, departments of the university, and professors that can sign their support. You can also do a general petition for support of an on-campus voting site that anyone, student, faculty, staff, community members could sign
  • A letter of support from your campus’s President or Chancellor or other senior administrator
  • Statements of support from elected officials, such as state legislature or city council members, who’s districts encompass the campus
  • Statements of support from prominent alumni
  • Identify a list of buildings that can be used as an on-campus voting site with the support of the staff who oversee those buildings